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Advance Building Technology carries an extensive range of services, ranging Waterproofing Systems, Joints Sealant, Trimix Groove Cutting, Structural Repairing, Epoxy Flooring & Coating and Mosaic Tile Fixing & Grouting. In addition, we have a wide range of complementary products to meet your special needs, these products meet the highest international standards.
  • Waterproofing Systems

    Waterproofing system will help you to protect your valuable Home, Office and Industrial premises from basement, terrace & walls leakage. Our qualified and authorised applicator visit your property and suggest you what kind of chemical and application will suites to your place as a waterproofing system, For example Chemical coating, APP membrane system etc.

    We provide various applications like Chemical (all), Crystalline System (Koster, Germany), Bituminous, APP Membrane & BBC/China mosaic etc.

  • Joints Sealant

    In general it used for seal joints and openings between two or more substrates. Their main purpose is to stop air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates.

    Polysulphide & PU Sealant and Expansion joint tape etc. we treat them with our expertise.

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  • Trimix Groove Cutting

    This process is always needed to avoid cracks on Cement roads and Bridges.

  • Structural Repairing

    Structural repairs are one area of Home, Office or Workshop maintenance that should not go un-checked. The longer problems are left the greater the risk to further damage to the assets. Using the newest techniques we are able to offer a repair solutions to suit the nature of the problem and the construction of the property.

    Strengthening, We recommend this application on beam column if they are wick. We can apply grouting system and make building column M30 grade strength.

  • Epoxy Flooring & Coating

    Our products and services are formulated from the finest epoxy resins and are ideal for application in all industries like Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Automobile manufacturing, garages etc., this process is compulsory in such business Without this process they do not get license. The systems offer great resistance to chemicals, abrasion and are available in to a wide range of colours.

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  • Garden Drainage System

    Very new concept of Garden Drainage System is much important and valuable. This system can remove access water from your garden located in ground or on terrace. We always recommend this system for terrace garden, due to this system your home of office does not get dampness or leakage.

  • Mosaic Tile Fixing & Grouting

    This process mostly applies on terrace, using this system you can easily reduce you 3 to 5 degree temperature in your Home, Office or Industrial area.

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